Đầu dò Gas BOSCH D382


Đầu dò Gas BOSCH D382

–       Đầu dò báo Gas sử dụng nguồn 12 hoặc 24VDC/VAC.

–       12 VDC/VAC or 24 VDC/VAC operation

–       Self-purging semiconductor sensor requires no maintenance or recalibration

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Đầu dò Gas BOSCH D382

–       Đầu dò báo Gas sử dụng nguồn 12 hoặc 24VDC/VAC.

–       12 VDC/VAC or 24 VDC/VAC operation

–       Self-purging semiconductor sensor requires no maintenance or recalibration

–       SPDT (Form C) alarm Relay and SPST (Form A) trouble relay designed for seamless connection to

–       control panels or other devices Installer selectable self-restoring or latching functionality

–       Red and Green LED status indicators


The D382 Combustible Gas Detector (Macurco GD‑2A) detects the presence of combustible gases such as propane and natural gas (methane). It is rated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to alarm below 25% of the lower explosion level (LEL) of propane or methane.

Use in non-hazardous locations such as residences, retail stores, office buildings, and institutional buildings. It is usually installed in rooms where gas appliances are located or in rooms that are susceptible to gas seepage.

Notice: Do not use in industrial locations such as factories, refineries and chemical plants.



Input Power

–       The detector uses a full-wave bridge rectifier so it is independent of input power polarity. It operates on AC or DC voltages from 12 V to 24V. A switching regulator is used to efficiently match the wide input voltage range to the fixed internal power system.

Status LEDs

–       The detector has one green and one red status LED on the front of the detector.

–       The detector has an internal two-minute time delay that prevents alarms during the warm-up of the gas sensor. During the warm-up period, the green LED light flashes. Once the delay is over, the continuous green light indicates normal operation.

–       The detector has a supervisory circuit of critical functions. A trouble condition, due to a failure of a non-reliable component, results in both lights flashing and the trouble relay activating. A power failure also causes the trouble relay to activate.

–       The red LED turns on at the same time the alarm relayactivates to indicate the alarm condition.


Installation/configuration notes

Compatibility Information

The combustible gas detector is compatible with all UL Listed control panels that have four-wire power and alarm initiating circuits.

Mounting Considerations

The detector is capable of supervising an area of up to 900 ft2 (83.6 m2). In larger areas, space the detectors on 30 ft (10 m) centers. Natural gas (methane) is lighter than air and collects at the ceiling. Bottle gas (propane) is heavier than air and collects on the floor. Mount the detector 1 ft. (0.3 m) from the floor, or 1 ft. (0.3 m) from the ceiling,depending on the targeted gas. Mount the detector at least 6 in. (15.2 cm) from corners to avoid dead airspace. The detector mounts on a standard four-inch square back box or a double-gang box.

Wiring Considerations

The combustible gas detector must be installed on aseparate circuit or zone reserved for combustible gas detectors and cannot be combined with smoke, heat,or intrusion detectors. Alarms for this circuit or zone must activate audible notification appliances of at least 85 dB with a distinctive sound for gas detection


Technical specifications

Environmental Considerations

Temperature (operating): +32°F to +120°F (0°C to +49°C);

For UL installations, +40°F to +120°F

(+4.4°C to +49°C)

Mechanical Properties

Color: White

Dimensions (H x W x D): 4.5 in. x 5.0 in. x 1. 625 in.

(11.4 cm x 12.7 cm x 4.1 cm)

Weight (shipping): 0.54 lb (0.25 kg)



Relay Configuration: one SPDT (Form C)

Relay Rating: 0.125 A, 40 V, 3 VA

Set Point: 25% below LEL for propane or methane


Relay Configuration: one SPST (Form A)

Relay Rating: 0.25 A, 40 v, 10 VA

Power Requirements


Alarm: At 12 VDC: 70 mA; at 24 VDC: 35 mA

At 12 VAC: 100 mA; at 24 VAC: 65 mA

Standby: At 12 VDC: 45 mA; at 24 VDC: 22 mA

At 12 VAC: 65 mA; at 24 VAC: 45 mA


VDC input: 12 VDC to 24 VDC

VAC input: 12 VAC to 24 VAC, 50 Hz or 60 Hz

–       Sản xuất tại Mỹ.

–       Bảo hành: 12 tháng.

Giá: 4.890.000 VND

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